To Swipe Or Not, That Is The Question

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Let’s be real for a second okay? Mobile dating apps give you very little to go on. And I get it, there’s a certain thrill in that. So you’ll probably look at a person’s smile or body language or maybe even a picture of them adoringly holding a puppy, and you’ll wonder if there’s any real potential in swiping right. But did you know that behind every gesture or facial expression, there’s a little something you can learn about that person? Here’s an exposé on what most pictures in popular dating apps tell you about people.


If you’re somewhat of a regular on the Suitors app, then in all your swiping experience, you would’ve atleast come across that one photo that oozes attitude. There’s a challenging upward tilt of the chin and stone cold eyes staring out at you. While such a vibe may appeal to some, let it be known that these are the kind of people trying to portray themselves as being intimidating. They are basically telling you that you’re about to step into a no-nonsense zone. So tread carefully. And if I were you, I’d definitely leave the insult humor at the door.


The head cupped by hands and a small smile on the face is a classic pose. Word has it that propping the head up with hands is a sure sign of boredom or distraction. But if the user is displaying an easy smile then it can be downplayed as a show of comfort. It makes them look relaxed and much like the boy/girl next door.


Many of the online dating apps in India are flooded with pictures of people with crossed arms or bodies turned away from the camera. What they don’t realize is that such a body language makes them look unapproachable. It suggests that they are not very open to meeting new people. Instead of drawing people towards them, as they would want to do on Suitors, they are falling short of forming a positive impression. So try not to make that blunder yourself.


While a candid photo, of their head thrown back in laughter, in no way suggests that they are an extremely bubbly or jovial person, it always helps to have such a strong positive emotion in one of the photos. It really does the trick and attracts people; particularly, because such photos make people curious. You can’t help but wonder what was so funny.


Don’t you find it intriguing when people post pictures of themselves silhouetted by the sun or staring off into the distant ocean? I mean, what are you supposed to make of that? That they are a nature-loving person? They like to ponder? Such photos are great for sharing on social media, but on the Suitors dating app? It just makes them look like they’re trying too hard to create this aesthetic vibe. And in doing so, they’re maybe taking away from showing who they actually are.


Some people can pull-off a “hands on hips” look really well. They may not have been trained by Tyra Banks herself, but more often than not, it is a sign of authority, of confidence. If you find such a person on Suitors, chances are that they are ready to take the initiative and are attempting to portray an image of certainty.


Then there are the artsy, creative kind of profiles. The photo is almost always of them in their natural habitat. A reader would probably have been captured holding a book or pouring over its pages. Someone who paints may be looking up from a canvas, paint smudges adorning their hands and face. What these photos reveal about the person is that they tend to be a tad bit ambitious. They know they are good at something and they want that to be one of their most defining features. They may also be looking to connect with people of similar tastes. So take notice and use it as a conversation starter to have a fun time on this latest dating app.


There’s a lot more you could learn about a person if you just pay attention to their mannerisms. But for now, these were some of the indicators you could keep in mind before sliding into someone’s life via Suitors.

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