These Gifts and Gestures Are Perfect For Any Occasion

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So what if Valentine’s Day is not around the corner? You shouldn’t have to wait for a particular day to shower some love on those who mean the most to you. Moreover, sometimes it can be difficult to shop for those who don’t have any specific hobbies or passions. Know what I mean? Keep reading this post for some extremely helpful suggestions that’ll bring a smile on your special someone’s face.  


  • Make full use of what the latest dating app offers you – the unrestricted potential to get to know somebody. You remember that one conversation on Suitors when he confessed to being obsessed with a certain genre of music? Put together a mixtape for him. Even if you don’t know the second thing about that kind of music, your gesture will speak volumes about how much you care.

  • If you’re looking to get some beauty products for him/her, perfumes and body mists are a great option. They come in a variety of fragrances and can be chosen as per the likes and dislikes of the person. And you can’t really go that wrong with them, because one can never have too many perfumes. Also, there’s a good possibility that they won’t have the same perfume you are going to gift them. So they are a safe option.

  • Many of us have role models and other people we look upto. Get on the Suitors dating app and find out who that is for your significant other. Then look up for inspirational quotes or sayings by that person and have it printed in color. If you want to put in some more work, design it graphically with a good font and color scheme. Frame the printout and you’ve got yourself a fantastic gift! This framed quote poster could decorate a wall or a desk in their room and will always remind them of you.

  • The hustling culture has taken the world by storm. You may see some indications of it on the Suitors app too! If you think your girlfriend has been tirelessly working for the past week or month and needs to relax, give her that much needed nudge. Buy her vouchers for a weekend spa retreat. It’ll be just the motivation she needs to take a break and rejuvenate.

  • Maybe your partner whom you met on Suitors claims to be an old soul, preferring to write letters and in journals rather than spend hours texting on mobile dating apps. The writer in him/her would definitely appreciate being given a writing set full with an ink pot, fountain pen, some notepads and envelopes. If you feel like splurging some more, journals and diaries make for great gifts when given to those who have the habit of jotting things down.

  • Something common amongst a lot of people on popular dating apps is that one of their hobbies surely falls into categories like reading or watching movies and TV shows. You could get them a gift that is relevant to their tastes such as a book or a DVD they’ve been dying to get their hands on. But there’s also another alternative – you could now also get them a month long subscription for a reading service or to a video streaming site.

  • Ordinarily a romantic gesture such as this one would not be considered extraordinary if planned for a birthday or V-Day. But execute the same on any random day and you’ll really see their eyes light up with happiness. Arrange to have a rooftop (or terrace) venue ready with some delicacies and beverages. You could deck up any worn down place with some string lights, candles and a good table cloth to brighten the space. It’ll give both of you the alone time that you need.


The reason why the phrase, “it’s the thought that counts” is used so frequently is because it’s true.  People can take one look at a gift and know if the giver has put in even a wee bit of effort in coming up with something personal and meaningful. So know that gifts and gestures don’t gain value by how expensive they are, but by how much thought you’ve put into it.

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