These Date Ideas Are The Best Way To Go

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Did you know that, as per an online survey related to mobile dating apps, most men and women prefer to do something laid-back on their first date? So if you had been planning an elaborate affair, hold your horses.


The key to a successful first date is bonding. You’re not going to be able to do much of that if the plan is to watch a movie or head to a nightclub. No one wants to spend all that time shrouded in darkness, unable to hear a word of what the other person is saying. So here are some date ideas you could suggest to your partner on the Suitors app.


  • Wine and Dine
    The wine and dine has been a classic first date move for a long time. People on free online dating apps are looking to spend quality time with their dates and what better way to do that than enjoy a long, leisurely meal accompanied with some liquid courage. The benefit of such an evening is that you get all the time in the world to talk about things. There’s no rush and the very setting offers you some content for conversation. Just be sure to pick a place where the cuisine is suitable to both your tastes.

  • Picnic at a Park
    A much more casual version of the wine and dine is a picnic at the park. The open sky, sounds of nature and bright atmosphere are sure to make the day all the more heart-warming. You could make the date more special by bringing picnic baskets for each other. Do some primary research on Suitors and find out what kind of things he/she likes. Then put together an assortment of items in the basket. The park is also a great place for taking a stroll or just riding bicycles when you’re done snacking.

  • Long Walks by the Beach
    This is one of the more romantic and ambient date ideas. Taking long walks by the beach right when the sun is about to set or when it is about to rise will make the date so much more memorable. You have the liberty of enjoying the silence that comes with such a moment. Even if the two of you aren’t extremely chatty, it won’t be awkward because of the environment. Now, if there are no beaches where you live, look for lakes or ponds for a similar effect.

  • Stargazing from a Vantage Point
    If the two of you have built a comfortable enough rapport with each other on the Suitors dating app and staying up late for a date is not an issue, you should definitely take this idea into consideration. There’s something so mesmerizing about stargazing. Seek out an elevated point in your town or city, whether it’s a hillock or a tall building. Try and set up a cosy little nook for yourselves with a mat and some midnight snacks.

  • An Afternoon at the Arcade
    It may seem childish, but an afternoon at the arcade is actually quite a lot of fun. It’ll bring out the competitive side in both of you, as you race from game to game, trying to score better than the other. You must try your hand at air hockey, pinball and Pacman. This may not seem apt if having a lot of uninterrupted conversation is important to you on the first date. But you’ll definitely come to learn quite a bit about your date.

  • Exploring Venues of Interest
    There will be many profiles in popular dating apps that’ll suggest an affinity for things like pets, history or art. If you want to show your consideration for your date’s likes and dislikes, you could always suggest going to places that have to do with what they like. For example, if they are an animal-lover, the two of you could visit a pet café or if they have some very artistic tastes, an art gallery would be a good place.

You can’t really go wrong with planning your first date along the lines of these ideas as long as you keep each other’s interests in mind. So spend a good deal of time interacting with your potential date on Suitors before you make plans to catch up.  Hopefully, the next time you open up this latest dating app, it’ll be to confirm your second date plans.

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