The Perks of Online Dating Apps

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In a world emblazoned by emerging technologies, social interactions have been undergoing quite the change. From sliding into one another’s DMs to super liking a profile, the dating culture has traversed plains far and wide. A list of the best dating apps in India will brandish an array of logos, but what Suitors offers you is quite unprecedented when it comes to online dating trends. So, keep reading to know why you should sign up:

  • Ability to Approach Hundreds of People
    One of the biggest selling points of online dating is the number of people you can connect with in a short span of time. Just imagine how empowering it is to be able to form connections with a few taps on a screen. If you were to go the traditional way, you’d probably never cross paths with those five potential dates, living in different parts of the city, with whom you spent an entire day chatting. This makes dating apps not just a great platform for interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds, but also a foolproof tactic to expanding your social circle.

  • Icebreaker for the Introvert
    It is no secret that introverts tend to be reserved and would much rather stay out of the limelight. So it is understandable that they would prefer to strike up a conversation with someone online as opposed to approaching them in a social setting. This is where the Suitors app comes in handy. It acts as an icebreaker for you by allowing you to get to know a person through the dating app, before choosing to meet them in person. As such, the initial small talk and inhibitions could be dealt with via messages and you only have to meet the user (if you wish to) when you’ve built a good rapport with them.

  • Find Your Tribe
    Photos speak volumes about a person, but so does their bio. On Suitors, you can get to know quite a bit about a user from what they communicate. This will help you decide if your wavelength matches with theirs or if there’s anything in common between the two of you at all. Without online dating apps, you’d probably have to suffer through a first date, before realizing that there’s no way you can be friends with this person, let alone anything else. Sounds harsh, I know. But it’s the truth. The whole process of elimination facilitated by these apps is just so you can find your kind of people with much more ease. Consequently, you spend much less money going on dates with people you know nothing about. It’s a win-win, really.

  • Is A Safeguard (Well, Somewhat.)
    According to an analysis done on MTV’s television show, Catfish, a whopping 73% of people uploaded other’s photos as their own. The consequence differed from person to person. But here’s the good news - you don’t have to fear getting involved with a fake user because the Suitors app is equipped with a photo verification feature that’ll ensure that you only meet real people. Moreover, the brunt of facing rejection gets a little diluted through online dating because you’re no longer putting in all that effort to get dressed and have your game face on while meeting people, one after the other. Here, you simply have to try your luck and initiate a conversation online.

  • No Rush
    Another great benefit of using online dating apps is that you can date at your own pace. Meet the right people and conversations will flow smoothly. Unlike when you’re being set up on a blind date or when you happen to meet someone at a party, there’s no pressure to conform. It allows people to ease into a new relationship, make their own decisions without the interference of any third person and basically learn to become patient and communicative.


Even if you’re an old soul, there must be some aspect of online dating apps that appeals to you, whether it is the eagerness to form more connections or the need to know what’s around the corner. For that very reason, you should atleast give it a try.

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