Online Dating Dos and Don’ts If You Want To Meet Them IRL

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There’s a big difference between just getting Matches on Suitors and forming long lasting connections with people. As you know, there’s only so much that these mobile dating apps can do.  If you are not well equipped with the necessary etiquette and understanding of human mentality, chances are that all your efforts in swiping right are going to go down the drain.

So here are some dos and don’ts you should keep in mind if you want to meet one of your Suitors friends in real life.

  • Do not pester people online. Even if you have gotten a Match, it doesn’t mean that they will readily agree to meet you. So if you have already suggested hanging out a couple of times and they are still playing hot and cold with you, back off. The more you come across as an entitled person, the further you’re going to drive them away.

  • Be available. It is understood that you are on the Suitors app because you want to meet new people. But if you are only going to reply to someone’s messages a day or even hours later, you’re basically telling them that you are not interested or that this is not a priority for you. So reply as soon as possible and set aside some time for these potential dates.

  • Don’t send inappropriate messages or photos or videos. Even the best online dating apps have not been able to keep these kinds of content at bay. However, be respectful and draw a line between being friendly and making someone else feel uncomfortable. Because if you are not considerate, your online dating life is doomed from the start.

  • Use proper words and sentences. Although texting lingo was created for convenience, one can’t deny that people who communicate well often form better impressions. It doesn’t bode well for you to write things like, “U free?”, “Hw r u?” or “Dats ma lyf”. Just go that extra mile and type out full words.

  • Don’t ghost, zombie, breadcrumb or cushion. Now these are all some negative dating trends that have been seen on popular dating apps. Almost all of them have to do with ignoring people to a certain extent or leading them on when you have no intention of pursuing the relationship. If you want to maintain your reputation as a genuine person, don’t engage in these activities. Just be honest with the other person, if you feel like there’s no future for the both of you.

  • A lot of these top dating apps have features that can be used to show someone how much you care about befriending them. On Suitors, the Cupid is one such feature that you should use wisely, because you only get one chance per day. This is just something to back you up when you’re trying to impress someone.

  • Don’t pass on any personal information that you get from people. Respect their privacy and don’t endanger their safety. Whatever details have been communicated to you, it has been done so in confidence. And if you are going to make it a habit of selling their personal data, someone is going to get wind of it and you’re going to be in a whole lot of trouble.

  • Upload only those pictures that give a clear indication of who you are. Avoid photos with filters, especially those with animal ears, airbrushed skin and flushed cheeks. Surely you don’t look like that in real life? Then why would you post that as your display picture? So be genuine and honest.

  • It’s okay to be talkative, but don’t be that person who is always talking about things that interest only them, without any concern for the thoughts and opinions of others. If on the Suitors dating app itself, you come across as someone who doesn’t care about listening to others, then don’t be surprised when people are not eager to meet you.

These are just some pointers for when you are spending countless hours swiping and chatting with people on this latest dating app. If you really want to meet someone off the platform, then don’t ignore these dos and don’ts.

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